Meals 4 Kids

In response to the particular challenges faced by the children and youth in our region, we re-designed our kid’s meal program and launched Meals 4 Kids (M4K) in 2014. It has been a tremendous success! Our M4K program assists children who are eligible for Head Start and/or free and reduced priced lunches at school by providing supplemental healthy foods during the hiatus of school lunch programs. Available during all three major school vacations and over 11-weeks of the summer, this program has three major objectives:

  1. reach those children who face hunger during times when school meal programs are unavailable
  2. encourage a focus on making nutritious choices and a movement away from unhealthy prepackaged items that can lead to obesity, and
  3. teach long lasting self-sufficiency skills to children by instructing them on how to cook healthy meals for themselves using microwave friendly recipes/ingredients and our innovative Cook It Up™ kits.

Meals 4 Seniors

A new Meals4Seniors program which aims to address the unique needs of our region's senior citizens. Our program includes the following components:

  1. Seniors Only Pantry Hours - Our older participants report that they feel more comfortable visiting the pantry when it is not crowded. We now offer "seniors only" hours twice each month. Seniors are still welcome to visit the pantry at any other open times if they prefer.
  2. Senior Food on the Go - To meet the emergency/immediate needs of seniors unable or unwilling to visit the pantry, we will deliver prepackaged healthy (e.g. heart health, low sugar, joint health) food bags to such locations as our local housing authority, houses of worship, senior centers and doctors' offices. These bags will contain easy-to-prepare shelf stable food items that can be privately distributed by our partners to those seniors identified as being in need of emergency food. This ensures we reach those most vulnerable while also respecting any dignity and/or privacy concerns.
  3. Information Cards - When seniors visit our pantry in-person, they are able to select from a large variety of fresh and healthy foods (e.g., fruits, vegetables, meats, milk). In an effort to increase awareness of our pantry's offerings and to encourage on-site visitation, we will include information cards in our "Senior Food on the Go" bags. These cards will detail our pantry's program offerings, contact information and hours. We will also include information on other local food programs.
  4. Increased Access (Transportation/Distribution Sites) - Our future program enhancements include partnering with local senior-focused transportation companies to arrange regular scheduled stops at our pantry as well as adding ongoing senior food distribution sites (e.g., housing authority, senior center). These two initiatives will assist us to eliminate existing barriers to access.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

What is CSA? CSA, or “Community Supported Agriculture”, is a program through which community members purchase a share of a local farm's harvest. Each CSA member receives a weekly share of the local farm’s harvest of fruits and vegetables (which are often picked just hours before you receive them, and packed full of nutrition!). One share provides a family of four with incredibly fresh, and highly nutritious fruits and vegetables each week. Shares are available weekly during the 18-week growing season, which generally runs from mid-May thru August.

What is SFFP’s CSA Program? 2016 marks SFFP’s 2nd annual CSA program! Through this program, SFFP’s donors sponsor 20 CSA shares for SFFP families. Accordingly, 20 SFFP families are invited to participate in the CSA program. Each family receives one farm share from Wake Robin Farm, and enjoys fresh, locally-grown, delicious fruits and vegetables each week during the 18-week growing season.”