Summer Meals 4 Kids

A Program of the Seacoast Family Food Pantry

In response to the particular challenges faced by the children and youth in our region, we re-designed our summer meals program and launched our new Summer Meals 4 Kids (SM4K) program in 2014. It has been a tremendous success. By adding mobile options and working closely with our community partners, we are reaching the most vulnerable children in our area. Our Summer Meals 4 Kids (SM4K) program has three major objectives:

  1. Reach those children who face hunger during times when school meal programs are unavailable.
  2. Encourage a focus on making nutritious choices and a movement away from unhealthy prepackaged items that can lead to obesity.
  3. Teach long lasting self-sufficiency skills to children (especially those that lack parental supervision) by instructing them on how to cook healthy meals for themselves using microwave-friendly recipes/ingredients.

To learn more about this program and the enrollment process, please contact us at (603) 436-0641 or visit