CSA Program for members!

CSA program for members

Support one of our families to enjoy a locally purchased CSA supplying them with fresh local foods for 18 weeks starting in June and going until October. This summer SFFP will be working with Wake Robin Farm



We are looking for people interested in supporting a family to secure and enjoy one of these shares.

SFFP has families that are interested in this program and we will support them by assisting with delivery of the shares, cooking ideas and recipes and connecting the family to the farm during the growing season.

You may support a family by donating:

1/2 Share - $275 Full Share - $550 Two Shares - $1100

You may make your checks to SFFP and we will purchase the shares making your donation tax deductible.

A CSA is :

In a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, you purchase shares of a farms harvest before the season starts. In return, you pick up the freshest possible veggies on a weekly basis through out the growing season! By becoming a member in a CSA, you are taking an active role in preserving the sustainability of local farming. You are also keeping your food dollars in the local economy, and reducing the amount of fuel used to ship food across the country to your table. The veggies that you receive will also have a higher nutritional value. The majority of your produce will have been picked just a few short hours before you receive it, you can’t get any fresher than that!