How to Apply


  1. How often may I visit the pantry?

    At SFFP we do a once a month visit, and you may join us during any of our open hours. The food you receive is a supplement and should provide you with 7-10 days worth of food. However you will also receive personal care items and cooking ingredients that may last for the month.
  2. What are the income guidelines?

    We follow USDA guidelines. We are very flexible and if you need food in your home you should apply. We are always open to working with people for the long term or during a short term need. Some clients only need help during the winter months when heat is costly. Some are seasonal workers who have needs on the off season. Please come in and talk to us if you need food.
  3. What documentation do I need?

    Please bring a picture ID and proof of residency. However if this is not available to you please call and speak with our staff. We never want anything to hinder your ability to receive food.
  4. What about Emergency Food?

    Everyone is eligible for one time emergency food from SFFP. No questions asked. If you need emergency food then you are welcome to come here.
  5. What areas do you serve?

    We server the Greater Seacoast from Kittery to Seabrook.